About Me

“Weep deeply the life you imagined and cherish the life you have” 

I always imagined adulthood would entail a certain amount of freedom, a quiet home, simple job and purely coexisting as I navigated through the years ahead.

Isn’t it funny? The image of “life” we create, the plans we simply cannot see going any other way. My plans changed in 2012 when Nikki and I began dating. Before I knew it, it was 2014 and we got married. The life I once imagined was a lost memory as we began our plans for a family.

A couple years, two surgeries and the loss of an ovary later; we consulted with a doctor. In July of 2016, I began my first fertility treatment. As the emotional rollercoaster intensified, I began reading blogs of those in similar situations – This gave me hope and prompted me to document our journey. 

In October of 2017, I got pregnant.

Blogging turned into more of a diary, I blogged good days and bad – I didn’t care about perfect grammar or followers, I just wanted to write it down – all of it. I wanted to remember this time in our lives thirty years down the road. Today, I have two years of blog entries that have captured raw emotions as we endured unexpected paths.

I hope sharing our journey (and now McKenzie’s Journey) will give hope to others on similar journeys.

Thank you for following ♥