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" Down Syndrome.... What the heck is that? " When I was 16 weeks pregnant, the doctor called to tell me my blood results showed 1 and 7 chances of my baby being born with Down Syndrome - the phone call was short, but it quickly brought me to my knees. I spent weeks searching… Continue reading Awareness

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A Medical Mystery.

  In just 14 months, our daughter has accumulated 12 specialty doctors, 3 therapy interventionist, 24 active medical conditions, 3 surgeries (one being open heart), 8 hospital admissions, 34 illnesses, and both cognitive and developmental delays. My day is consumed with medical appointments and/or therapies, my nights are consumed with research and failed attempts at maintaining… Continue reading A Medical Mystery.

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No one knows the days that almost crushed you or the fear that almost froze you.

“The parent knows best and the parent knows first” - David Grossman It starts with the smallest symptom and within seconds, you’re consumed with adrenaline and beginning your mental-check list. I have become all too familiar with the fight or flight response, I am a special needs mom; this is my life. When I started… Continue reading No one knows the days that almost crushed you or the fear that almost froze you.



"Sometimes, real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles"  I never imagined meeting someone so strong, fearless and full of life. McKenzie has continued doing well, she had several IV lines and her three chest tubes removed on the third day of recovery. Nikki has been my rock through these last few months, when… Continue reading Recovery