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” Down Syndrome…. What the heck is that? “

When I was 16 weeks pregnant, the doctor called to tell me my blood results showed 1 and 7 chances of my baby being born with Down Syndrome – the phone call was short, but it quickly brought me to my knees.

I spent weeks searching the ins and outs of google, yahoo and web MD. I read articles, watched videos, and cried – a lot.27783922_10157203695064535_1357985047_n

” People with downs don’t live long, only older mothers have babies with down syndrome, people with downs can’t achieve life goals, downs kids will always live at home, downs kids all look the same, downs people are always happy and affectionate”

The list goes on and on.. you can imagine the fear that consumed my entire world. 90% of women chose to abort their pregnancy when receiving a prenatal diagnosis – I was offered an abortion and made aware that I could abort up until the day she was born.

Until the day she was born!! 

McKenzie was born in July of 2017 – I instantly went down the list of the information I retrieved during my pregnancy.. This is what I learned;


McKenzie is my beautiful little girl, she is not a “Downs baby”,  she has a medical diagnosis of Down Syndrome. McKenzie was born with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease), but she fought for her life and survived open heart surgery at just 12 weeks old. McKenzie has three separate therapist that continue to work with her every week, she will achieve her goals and has already showed tremendous determination. Down Syndrome will not prevent McKenzie from working, living alone,


or date, if she has such desire. McKenzie looks more like her family than she does anyone else with Down Syndrome. McKenzie is not always happy, she is full of emotions and makes sure we know each and every one!

There is no diagnosis that could ever change the love you have for your child, If given the choice – I would pick McKenzie, just the way she is – time and time again.

The information I had during my pregnancy was false… the statistics are outdated, the information is uneducated.  This is why I share McKenzie’s story on her Public Figure Facebook page – I want to show the world the raw truth good, bad, ugly and beautiful parts of Down Syndrome, but most of all I want to show the world that there is….

🎗 #NothingDownAboutKenzie!🎗




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