Dear Daughter, on your First Birthday.

  2018-06-22-22-31-53♥ Happy Birthday ♥

Dear McKenzie,

It feels like it was just yesterday your little heart stopped and we were rushed for an emergency c-section. You were born within minutes and I will never forget the first time I held you, you were so tiny with beautiful, curious eyes.

I hope I’ve done ok so far, I hope you have felt as loved as you are. I was as prepared as I could have been for you, but every day you have taught me something new. Do you remember the first night you came home? You slept so peacefully in our arms. Do you remember your first bath? You made the most adorable faces as the water lightly splashed around you. I’ve never been good at remembering things, but I remember every detail of the last 365 days with you.

I remember when you couldn’t hold your head up, when you couldn’t hold your pacifier or find your thumb. I remember when you didn’t smile or giggle, when you didn’t know anything about the world yet. I remember your first admission to the hospital, and every one that followed. I watched as your strength grew beyond anything I could have imagined. I remember the first time you rolled over, and every “first” you’ve had thereafter. But, somehow I didn’t realize that everyday brought us closer to the day you would graduate from being my newborn, my infant to my toddler, my child.

We aren’t just celebrating your first Birthday, my dear. We are celebrating your life and the amazing things you’ve already done. Did you know you had a feeding tube placed when you were 5 weeks old? But you still open your mouth with every intention of learning how to eat again. Did you know you were born with holes in your heart? You survived open heart surgery when you were just 12 weeks old! Did you know you’ve been sick with countless infections, 7 hospitalizations and endless doctor appointments? You have beat every one, gotten through every poke and made doctors and nurses love your big blue eyes, beautiful smile and on the side hairstyle. You are a survivor and a true inspiration.

Today and everyday, I want you to know I love you, so very much. I want you to always remember how much we prayed for you, how long we waited for you and how incredibly proud we are of you. I will hold these memories close to my heart as it expands for the memories to come! Happy First Birthday, my “not-an-infant-anymore” sweet daughter!


We love you, the most.

Love always,

Your moms.



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