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Nothing Down about Kenzie


In November of 2017, I created an awareness page in McKenzie’s name.

I have never been an outspoken -” in your face with my beliefs ” type of person, but after watching McKenzie endure so much within the first months of life – I started reflecting the fear and ignorance I was once consumed with regarding Down Syndrome and Heart Disease. I felt the need to create awareness, I wanted to show the world (or those who decided to follow along) that McKenzie’s diagnosis is just that – a diagnosis, it’s not who she is as an individual. I decided to share facts, information, stories and an almost daily insight on the ups, downs, good and bad days. I wanted to show the world that McKenzie is first and foremost – a baby, regardless of the diagnosis, medical complications or delays.

Statistics show that 90 percent of women with prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome will abort their baby. I wanted McKenzie’s Journey to change at least one mom’s mind -To give hope to the mom who is just receiving the diagnosis – I want the mom that struggles with their child’s upcoming heart surgery to see that it is possible to make it out alive. The mom with a child that has a feeding tube or GI complications to see different things McKenzie’s doctors has done and hopefully give ideas to find missing puzzle pieces of their own child’s medical complications.

But, most of all – I wanted to brag about this amazing, determined little girl that has taught us so much about life, love and more than anything she has shown us that there’s nothing down about Kenzie!


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