Infections, Infections & More Infections.

For the first time ever, McKenzie had a rough over-night, she was so uncomfortable and all we could do was hold her and hope she’d fall back asleep to find relief. The morning came quicker than usual as McKenzie’s machine sounded promptly at 6 AM.

Since McKenzie hasn’t been feeling well, I scheduled her an appointment with her GI doctor. I just didn’t anticipate being so tired from her uncomfortable night. I struggled to get us ready on time and still warm up the car and melt the iced windshield. It was 29 degrees out as I bundled McKenzie up and we headed out.

The appointment went somewhat as expected. McKenzie not only has one infection, but two infections and has started teething. The appointment ended with a list of medications, studies to have done and a long drive back home. Of course, we are thankful to be back home and McKenzie is now resting.

We have learned from past experiences how quickly an illness can turn into an admission to the hospital, especially for McKenzie. The moment we notice symptoms of anything, an immediate checklist begins. What are the symptoms? What could be wrong? Does this require an immediate response? If so, Which doctor do we call? Can we make it to Orlando? Is the house in order, in case she’s admitted? Are the animals fed, with water – in case we’re gone all night? Do I need to bring anything that’s not already prepacked in the hospital bag?

I am thankful McKenzie is home today, however, I think we will always keep our mental check-list in the back of our minds as our experiences have taught us to.




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