The Mickey Placement.

Due to McKenzie’s heart condition and low energy levels, at five weeks old she continued to struggle with weight gain and received a G-Tube. The initial introduction of McKenzie needing a G-Tube was hard for me to digest. I never imagined feeding my baby through a tube – but the doctors insisted it was the best possible solution to ensure she gained weight and the nutrients she needed to grow – not to mention, the medication she needed and a possible early discharge after her heart was repaired. (Of course, this was indeed a big reason she was discharged only 8 days after her heart surgery)

In October she was supposed to have her G-Tube changed to a different type of feeding tube, however, due to her heart surgery being unexpectedly moved up she had to wait for her new feeding tube. On December 6th, we took McKenzie to Arnold Palmer for her feeding tube replacement. We walked into the lobby we visited just three months earlier for her heart surgery and for the third time in six months – I handed McKenzie to the doctors and watched them walk away.

During McKenzie’s surgery, the doctor also did an endoscopy. The test resulted with some minor concerns and the procedure showed irritation of the stomach that is likely the reason for her frequent episodes of blood in her feeding tube.


Thankfully, the surgery was over quickly. Our phones dinged with an update within the hour – McKenzie was on her way to recovery. The doctors came and explained their findings and a few minutes later, we were directed to McKenzie’s room. McKenzie was in a little discomfort but did well as the nurse showed and explained the new feeding tube, how to care for it and use it. The ability to disconnect her feeding tube when she’s not eating will be highly beneficial as she grows and begins her development.

I was happy we now had the ability to bathe McKenzie in a bathtub – Unfortunately, due to McKenzie’s feeding tube being placed at such a young age, she was only able to experience one real bath. Once the area of McKenzie’s new feeding button was healed, we got her a new bathtub, toys, towels and soaps – Then, we gave McKenzie her second – real bath!


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