Merry Christmas!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I remember last Christmas when I imagined how amazing this year would be with our new baby. I never imagined we would face so many obstacles in such a short period of time, but I knew the spirit of Christmas would somehow shadow the unknown and provide a… Continue reading Merry Christmas!


The Mickey Placement.

Due to McKenzie's heart condition and low energy levels, at five weeks old she continued to struggle with weight gain and received a G-Tube. The initial introduction of McKenzie needing a G-Tube was hard for me to digest. I never imagined feeding my baby through a tube - but the doctors insisted it was the… Continue reading The Mickey Placement.


We will forever cherish every milestone.

We were aware McKenzie would face developmental and intellectual delays. So, we immediately took action in setting up occupational therapy and purchasing all the tools we (thought) would need to assist in her milestone accomplishments. The truth is, we found our expectations of milestones differed greatly from what we faced. Our celebrations weren't because she… Continue reading We will forever cherish every milestone.