McKenzie’s First Halloween & Thanksgiving

Halloween was McKenzie’s first “Holiday”. It had only been a few weeks since her heart surgery, so we weren’t able to take her out “trick or treating”, but she did have an appointment with her cardiologist, so we headed to Orlando and scared the staff at the Heart Center.  We also learned that she has leaky heart valves and may need a second surgery in the future – however, for now, they will monitor it with 6-month check ups.

Even though we weren’t able to do much for Kenzie’s first holiday, we did enjoy movies and cuddles on the couch!


Unfortunately, our little “boo” wasn’t as lucky for her second Holiday – Thanksgiving. McKenzie has been sick with an upper respiratory infection, she’s congested, tired and running a low-grade fever.

So, instead of sticking to our yearly tradition of visiting my family during the week and Nikki’s on Thanksgiving day – we have decided to stay home and allow McKenzie to rest. We spent the day watching cartoons with Kenzie and we made our first Thanksgiving dinner together.

Even though McKenzie hasn’t been able to enjoy her first two Holiday’s – I don’t think she will remember, and at least we got some cute pictures! It’s hard on us, as her mom’s because of course we want to go out and show her off, but we also know keeping her home and resting as her little heart grows nice and strong, is the best thing for her. So, here’s to hoping next year is a little easier on her!


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