It’s time.

Every ounce McKenzie gains, we celebrate. It’s a struggle to achieve these goals and many don’t understand. At almost three months old, McKenzie is almost 8 lbs and wears newborn diapers and clothes. Even with struggles, being almost 8 lbs is a huge step for her weight goals.
During last weeks round of appointments, McKenzie’s cardiologist decided it was time for her heart to be repaired. While this surgery was originally scheduled to happen at 4-6 months old – due to McKenzie’s frequent hospital visits, low weight gain and echo results her cardiologist feels its priority to have it done. Of course we have wanted her heart repaired since she was born so she could thrive and avoid these frequent hospital visits, however, now that it’s time – we’re terrified.
When we left the cardiologist, we figured we would have a few weeks, but within a few days the surgery center called and scheduled her surgery next week. Since the surgery date is scheduled so soon, we had McKenzie’s pre-op appointment at Arnold Palmer today. The nurses took
McKenzie’s blood, checked vitals and took some x-rays. We also met with the surgeon and anesthesiologist to discuss the procedure. I was overall surprised with the time the surgeon took to speak with us, he was very clear and answered all of our questions. But, the truth is, with every question answered and every thought explained – I still find myself wondering so much.
As the wait begins, I’ve found myself sitting with uncontrollable emotions of fear, anxiety and sadness. There is a lot of preparation and little comfort to be found so I intend on enjoying the next few days with McKenzie and focus on Monday when its Monday.

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