Meet, McKenzie.

Today I realized that lately I am guilty of focusing on McKenzie’s health more than I have focused on who McKenzie is. I realized that I haven’t properly introduced McKenzie to the world yet; so, meet McKenzie.

McKenzie has a few nick-names; Kenzie and Kenzie-Cole. She has shown a great deal of independence and while she struggles holding her binky in her mouth, she absolutely loves it and we often spend hours holding it for her. Kenzie loves her head-chalk (hedgehog), mirror, car rides (if we are moving), anything bright, bath time (until shes cold!) and snuggles for hours.

Overall, McKenzie is such a happy baby. She only cries when something is wrong and loves getting in her PJ’s around 9 pm to fall asleep and she sleeps well through the night – sometimes until noon the next day. When she wakes up, she baby-talks to herself until we hear her. She has finally found her voice and loves to tell us all kinds of baby-stuff.

McKenzie loves to move! She kicks her feet all day long, moves down to the bottom of her crib and has found a new love for sleeping on her sides. For a baby who has had struggles throughout the last several weeks, she is the happiest, smartest, strongest little girl we know.

While we attend doctor appointments weekly and have had a few more hospital admissions, she continues to grow and advance with every day that passes. McKenzie will be a fiercely happy, independent, strong, smart and funny little girl – We struggle with wanting her to stay a baby forever and not being able wait to meet who she will become. I couldn’t be more proud of her determination and full of life personality.


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