The Pregnancy

Gender Reveal

Boy or girl? a question we’ve pondered well before our positive pregnancy test. As time slowly creeps by, we anxiously await the day we can do the gender reveal. Will we throw a party or announce it individually? Will we tell everyone right away or wait and enjoy the results first? The doctors office insists on waiting until we’re 20 weeks along, so we decided to hire an ultrasound tech. (Bun In The Oven Sonography) to come to our home during our sixteenth week instead. The tech. April sat up her equipment in our living room, I laid on the couch while Nikki stood at my head. The ultrasound began and I felt my heart literally drop.
April took a few minutes before telling us the results, but without a doubt it was clear as day; it’s a girl.

The emotions of the gender reveal were beyond overwhelming, it made everything feel just a little more real. I looked at Nikki who wore a smile from ear to ear, we were having a girl. There are no words to explain the emotional overload this news has brought us, we were going to have a daughter to join us on our journey through life.
As soon as April left we rushed to the store to buy a little sign and  pink converse shoes – who were we kidding? we couldn’t wait for a reveal or party – we wanted to tell the world! We took a photo and sent it to family and friends. We took our new pink baby converse shoes and visited my Grandparents, (They were thrilled) because the truth is – without them, we would never had been able to do this.

Everyone was so happy, so excited! As our days continued, We began working endlessly in the nursery ( Mostly Nikki, I just organized and decorated odds and ends). No one was aware of the phone call we received a couple of weeks ago, but we had to keep going – and we did.


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