The Pregnancy

Patience is a virtue


I began reading blogs when we started fertility treatments, initially I was searching for advice but came across a blog and found a lot of similarities with it. As the fertility treatments began, I decided to begin writing my own blog – in hopes someone could use advice or information from it in their own journey.
Now, here I am pregnant and I feel like our journey is just beginning, why quit blogging now? I enjoy sharing our journey, even if i’m only sharing it with the select few that have a link or the few that may come across it.
We’ve waited for what feels like a lifetime for our dreams to come true, today they feel very much as if they are doing just that;. I am four weeks pregnant with great beta and progesterone levels and Nikki interviewed for an internship that will land her a great job come March when she graduates; I could not be more proud of her, she has worked so hard for our future. She was so nervous going to her interview, but she did great! I truly believe I married the one person who was made for me.
Looking back on previous posts, I try to always remember the process of which our life slowly began changing. I hope to look back again in our future as I lay our baby down for a nap on a difficult day, to remind myself how hard we worked to get to that difficult day, because every second is well worth it!
The first trimester is the hardest – while everyone I’ve talked too has told us not to post or say anything until we are through the first 12 weeks; I literally could not contain myself.  I know most of our planning is already complete, but this is because we’ve been planning for years! We have nursery themes for both genders and find ourselves window shopping every opportunity we get.
Life couldn’t get better than this..

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