The beginning

The struggle of infertility


Monday eventually came and we felt defeated as we learned the IUI failed. We knew this was an option but questioned why? We were going to every appointment, taking every medication. Life is becoming foggy and while Dr. Cortez insists we stay positive – it’s becoming very hard.
Moving forward, we’ve decided to be silent. I suppose we figured the less chatter about it will lessen the pressure.
This will also allow for more time to deal with the negatives or positives as they come. There are so many people in this world dealing with fertility issues or attempting artificial inseminations and they all deal with their situation different – While most of our family and a few close friends are aware we have been trying to conceive, it becomes increasingly difficult to talk about it as time goes on.
Some days I hardly allow myself to think about it but other days I feel completely overwhelmed. People don’t do well with emotional discomfort, it’s simple to explain the procedure; but to explain the shame, guilt, hate, anger or sadness is almost impossible.
 Staying positive is hard, but here’s to the next month of our journey.

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