Hurricane Matthew

It’s in the eye of the storm when the power runs out and you’re sitting in silence, wondering and waiting for what’s to come. It’s the silence that begins to make you think about life and the world we live in. Just weeks ago we had riots and hate throughout America, and yet, when we are faced with a challenge that is beyond our control we come together, we care, we ask our neighbor how they’re doing because that’s what you’re supposed to do, not as a neighbor- but as a human with compassion for other humans. It’s when tragedy comes that you realize it doesn’t matter what other’s do, or have done; what matters is what you are doing to make a difference. What matters is that you are being the best you can be and in the face of destruction, WE ALL must come together and help one another, not only to clean up the damage from an uncontrollable mother nature, but to help rebuild the cities we love and the homes many lost.Today, Nikki and I drove around and helped family clean up after the mess Hurricane Matthew left in it’s path. We are blessed to say our family and friends are all ok, as well as their homes, some other people weren’t so lucky and lost everything; including their jobs. While we drove around today, we witnessed many acts of kindness; between facebook pages with help offered to stores offering food and supplies. It’s united we stand, because divided we will always, always fall.

Many prayers to all who’ve endured this disastrous hurricane.  






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